I recently ran a poll on Twitter (yes, am on Twitter, guilty). I asked the question, "Are the crowns promised to believers in the NT literal crowns given out by Christ, or metaphorical?" Thirty-nine people took the poll. 59% answered that these crowns are literal rewards given by Christ at his coming, while 41% responded … Continue reading “Crowns”


Learning to Be a Submissive Husband

One of the hottest topics in evangelicalism today is gender roles and distinctions in the local church and home. Within this topic, the issue of women’s’ roles and wives’ submission to husbands often takes center stage. Much has been and is being written on the topic of wives’ submission to their husbands from passages like … Continue reading Learning to Be a Submissive Husband

Eternal Submission – Book Release

I'm excited to announce that I have recently published a book on the eternal submission of the Son. I have previously written several posts here about the topic, linked below: A Biblical and Theological Examination of the Eternal Submission of the Son Trinity Wars (Pt. 1) Trinity Wars (Pt. 2) Eternal Relational Subordination and the … Continue reading Eternal Submission – Book Release

A Tale of Three Americas (A Poem)

A land for the brave A home for the free One land that we share But how different we see One land, opportunity Prospect of gain Creating a legacy Making a name America, the beautiful America, the strong America, divided Whose perspective is wrong? The America that fights for Liberty, rights and dignity While discarding … Continue reading A Tale of Three Americas (A Poem)

Confessions of a First-Year Theology Prof

I recently completed teaching my first theology course at Emmaus Bible College, and it has been an incredible experience. The course was "Survey of Doctrine," and gave a very short and general overview to systematic theology, answering the question "what does the Bible teach?" I entered the semester with nervous anticipation, not entirely knowing how … Continue reading Confessions of a First-Year Theology Prof

ESV Archaeology Study Bible – A Review

I recently received a copy of Crossway's ESV Archaeology Study Bible. I want to give a short review of this excellent and up-to-date resource. With a team of over 15 archaeologists and experts providing historical and cultural insight into the biblical text, this study Bible is a fantastic support for students of God's word, pastors, … Continue reading ESV Archaeology Study Bible – A Review

Jonah and the Golden Calf

    There are many pictures that come to mind when thinking about the biblical book of Jonah: a prophet running from God, a powerful storm on the sea, a giant fish/whale/sea monster, the metropolis of Nineveh, multitudes on their knees crying out in repentance, etc. A golden cow is not typically one of those … Continue reading Jonah and the Golden Calf