An Aerial View of Ephesians


A few months ago I wrote a post called “Christ, the Cosmos, and the Church,” surveying some lessons I had been learning in the letter to the Ephesians. The past three Sundays I’ve had the opportunity to preach through the letter. I decided to do an aerial view of the letter. I wanted to look at Ephesians as a whole and see how Paul incorporates themes and elements throughout the entirety of the letter, rather than breaking it up into smaller, isolated portions and examining them alone. The following are several themes that came to the foreground in preparing the messages. Continue reading


Christ, the Cosmos, and the Church: Reflections and Challenges from Ephesians



This semester I took a class on Ephesians. It was one of the most challenging and profitable academic experiences that I’ve been through so far. At the conclusion of the course I thought it would be beneficial to think through several lessons or thoughts that I had not seen in Ephesians before. Continue reading