An Apologetic for Children’s Ministry


Tonight marks the beginning of my tenth summer of children’s ministry in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ at Christian camps and church Vacation Bible Schools across the country. Teaching, encouraging, and challenging children has been one of the greatest privileges that God has allowed me to participate in throughout my lifetime. While many pay lip service to the importance of children’s ministry, it is commonly viewed as the bottom rung on the ladder of church involvement and participation. I remember a camp director telling me some years ago that he had no problem finding speakers for junior high or high school camps, but found it extremely difficult to find speakers for elementary age camps. While there are many reasons for this, the difficulty of working with children coupled with (in many cases) low immediate reward contribute to the general unpopularity of the ministry.

Despite the challenges that children’s ministry presents (and there are many), I believe that this is a vital calling which more young Christian men and women should seriously consider if we want to see the church of Jesus Christ stand her ground in our contemporary society. Continue reading