Adventures at Shiloh

This summer I had the incredible opportunity to lead a small group of students and alumni from Emmaus Bible College to participate in the excavations run by Associates for Biblical Research at Shiloh in Israel. We spent two weeks in the country (ten days on the dig site) and stayed in East Jerusalem at the … Continue reading Adventures at Shiloh


ESV Archaeology Study Bible – A Review

I recently received a copy of Crossway's ESV Archaeology Study Bible. I want to give a short review of this excellent and up-to-date resource. With a team of over 15 archaeologists and experts providing historical and cultural insight into the biblical text, this study Bible is a fantastic support for students of God's word, pastors, … Continue reading ESV Archaeology Study Bible – A Review

Why the Garden Tomb is [Probably] Not Jesus’ Tomb

Several years ago I was blessed to be able to visit the Holy Land with a former teacher and friend. Seeing the places where biblical events transpired was a truly life-changing experience. I do, however, remember being perplexed by the presentation of the two different popular locations for the burial place of Jesus. One site … Continue reading Why the Garden Tomb is [Probably] Not Jesus’ Tomb